Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lithuania and Poland

Here is what Ms. Grybauskaite is saying regarding the situation.

And here is an article that is basically gives the crux of the problem - the way the two brotherly nations fell apart creating a distrust that lingers to this day. I am pretty sure the Poles would see it in a totally different way than presented in this article.

I wish it was more like Finland and Sweden - Swedes at the time recognized the right of Finns to have their own country - so now they have a great amount of autonomy and no hard feelings. But it is what it is - in this land, we had an attempt to re-create the Grand Duchy, it went bad, and now we have to deal with it.

P.S. here is an interesting discussion with R. Raud.

P.P.S. 2012.10.10 Here is an interesting article from

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