Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Olympic poaching

Here is an issue that worries a good part of Lithuanian media today: the former Lithuanian Olympic pentathlon athlete - who apparently is one of the top athletes in the World - Donata Rimšaitė accepted Russian citizenship with hopes of getting more money and representing Russia in 2012 London Olympics. The thing was that she has to be a citizen for 2 years in order to represent her new homeland. Since 2 years have not passed, she needed a special permission from the Lithuanian Olympic committee to represent her new country. It was not granted - apparently because she did not held her end of the bargain - i.e. she took money for the preparation, agreed for conditions for the Olympics etc and then ran over to Russia. On the other hand, Rimšaitė claims that she found the love of her life in Russia - and her way of showing her love to him is accepting the Russian citizenship as soon as she can and participating in the Olympics for that country.

Anyways, as the link above shows, the thing got quite sour, the Russian representative Mr. Aminov is saying all kinds of things right now - so we will see how this will end ;/

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