Saturday, February 25, 2012

A couple of interesting reads

... about Europe's new scapegoats.

One is from the Economist and the other is from the Financial Times.

Here is a quote from the "Financial Times" that describes the mood of a hard working Dutch person:

<< No matter that the Netherlands is the biggest foreign investor in Poland. Wilders doesn’t care. Eastern Europeans – stigmatised by poverty – make the perfect “new Muslims”.

And so now do southern Europeans. A Dutch friend told me that on past holidays in Spain, whenever he drove down a road built with European money he’d think, “I paid for this road.” But nowadays, he says, he looks at the Spaniards walking along the road and thinks, “I’m paying for these people too.” This sentiment is growing, as northern Europeans are asked to bail out southern Europeans. At its crudest, someone like the German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld now feels free to say, “Nobody wants Greece to disappear, but they have really disgusting habits – Italy as well.” >>

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