Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy Holidays! Su Šventėm!

Here is an interesting article from bnn-news.com.

A couple of quotes indicate big changes in the public mood as compared to 10 years ago:

<< «Quite surprisingly, record numbers of Lithuanians were insisting throughout the year they are pretty content with their lives,» said Vladas Gaidys, director of public opinion and market research company Vilmorus.
In an Eurobarometer poll conducted in June, a whopping 72 percent of Lithuanian residents claimed they were satisfied with their life in Lithuania. Though the number went down to 69 percent in the autumn, it is unusually high against the findings from the previous years.
«Quite recently, only a mere 40 percent said they were satisfied with their lives in Lithuania,» the pollster pointed out to BNN. >>


<< «The credence in police, for example, has surpassed 50 percent for the first time since the polling started taking place in 2000 and now, at 53 percent, match the trust that of Lithuania’s Catholic Church, firemen, military and social security agencies. Only 14 percent of the respondents claimed they do not the police,» Gaidys said. >>

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