Sunday, January 16, 2011

Two opposing (?) views

There has been much discussion regarding President Grybauskaitė's relations with Belarus. A lot of people say she is wrong to keep relations open with the Belarussian dictator.

Vladimir Socor of The Jamestown Foundation seems to throw in his support to Dalia Grybauskaitė. When I think about EU-Belarus, the US-Cuba analogy comes to mind. The results of this long blockade can be discussed and disputed. However, there is one difference between Belarus and Cuba.

Cuba is more or less isolated (of course it has a support of Venezuela etc - but I do not think it could become a satellite of Venezuela); Belarus very plausibly can become a part of Russia - by their people's will. And Russia has a firm standing in offices in Berlin or Paris - so it is a respectable country, no? So, is keeping discussion and showing Belarus' people what Lithuania is like such a bad thing?

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