Friday, January 16, 2009

It happened

After the riots in Greece, Iceland, Bulgaria, and Latvia today was Lithuania's turn. Labour unions were protesting the freezes in pay due to recession, and some angry protesters started hurling stones, eggs etc at the Police, Parliament and Government buidings. provides some pictures and statistics: 82 arrested, 15 injured.

An interesting feature emerges in this event. There is a lot of young men participating - some of them seemingly under influence of some kind (e.g. drunk), the footage on shows some of them speaking in Lithuanian, some of them not, and some with an accent (or is it my Samogitian ear?). No problem with this - everybody has a right to come to a meeting.

Be as it may, but how come some of these people came with smoke bombs and other things that hint to a pre-meditated action that is not related to the intent of the labour unions? Normally these hoolingans are not that organized, or are they (that would make it the first one in Lithuania)?

Even though some people could start talking about Kremlin's hand and/or the fifth column - I believe this is far fetched. I think our own stupidity should not be underestimated.

Here is a discussion with the Prime Minister, Chairman of the Parliament, former Prime Minister and some others regarding the events:

As the recession is just starting, and since there are many angry people around, should we expect more to come?

Here is an interesting video conference with PM Andrius Kubilius regarding todays realities.

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