Thursday, May 26, 2011

Visegrad and the Baltics

George Friedman provides a very interesting article about a new development in Central Europe. In my opinion this underlines the recent trends in the former Communist ruled Europe. And that trend is that not all countries in "Eastern Europe" are the same or should be treated the same. As the article points out, in Visegrad countries Poland is emerging as a leader - as perhaps it should be - it is a big country with rich and dramatic history.

The Baltic countries are not drawn into this military alliance. Of course, they are less populous - I think the combined population is less than the Czech republic alone - but I still think the fact is important.

This could be one of these events that push Lithuania further away from Poland - even though these countries were like Siamese twins for about six centuries. Does that mean that the new relations will form with our other neighbours across the Baltic sea and beyond?

In a roundabout way to me this just confirms that "Eastern Europe" does not exist. Now the question is - do "Baltic states" exist? Or is this just a short-hand, the same type as "Eastern Europe"?

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